Interior Design

Creating a Million Dollar Child’s Bedroom!

If you are a mother or a mother-to-be for that matter you will know exactly what I am talking about. The mighty ‘Nesting Instinct’ kicks in at around 30 weeks pregnant and you are hooked!

Jaffa cakes and copious amount of caffeine-free tea get put aside and we are on a mission to create the most jaw dropping, eye-popping nursery ever created. From that moment onward, evenings become filled with Pinterest Boards named after our children who have not yet been born, but sure have a lot to look forward to once they see neatly arranged toys, playmats, tepees, cloud shaped cushions and whatever their mummies’ hearts desire.

Oh fun times… Daddies get dragged along this exciting journeys as John Lewis becomes a permanent destination on Google Maps for the six weeks ahead. Car boots become synonymous with ‘delivery vans’

and ‘yes’… it all has to fit! TODAY

Ladies, make a list as I am breaking it down for you so you can put your feet up, grab that long overdue Jaffa Cake and let’s get going with Baby Decor ‘must-haves’!

Hot and Trendy Murals


These babies took over 2018 by storm. From girly pinks to bold geometrics, wall murals have become ultra popular for their ease of use and a wide range to choose from. This glorified wallpaper comes with a hefty price tag but worth every penny for an instant make-over!

Visit and see for yourself.

Bling! The Metallics are in!


Metallics continue to thrive in interior design only this time anything goes. Rose Gold, brass, copper, stainless steel even wrought iron won’t do any harm. 2019 is all about mixing reflective surfaces BIG and BOLD.

Think princesses and knights in shining armour and you have something to go by.



This one can be a tricky one as one can easily get carried away on the ‘Geometrics Adventure!’

Think a statement wall or simply pattern bedding before you turn the little one’s room into a Rubik’s Cube. And even though babies at birth can only see 25 in front of their face, they do catch up pretty fast with their vision and your eye-catching scheme can have diabolical knock-on effects on that afternoon nap!

Think NO Jaffa Cakes ever eaten in peace again…

Let The Power of Unicorn be with You!


It’s official…

Unicorns are viral! Whether you are five or 35, unicorns never come out of fashion! Just like Marilyn Monroe’s red lips, Unicorn are here to stay for generations to come.

With staggering 7.5 million Instagram hashtags #unicorn, the trend is more popular than The Royal Wedding of Kate and William + Harry and Meghan put together… add Unicorn slime and Unicorn snot and you have your room scheme sorted!

Use it sparingly by furnishing with neutral accessories and different textures. Whatever you do, stop right there with adding any more colour to this overwhelming but super cool horse head…

Next time when you see a grown woman wearing a unicorn T-shirt, have some respect…

She probably doesn’t care what you think :)