Big Colour Trends for 2019

With 2019 just around the corner, we compiled the ultimate guide of jaw dropping shades and colours which will be dominating the whole globe sooner than you may realise.

From delicate pinks to earthy greens, 2019 is bound to satisfy every nieche of DYIers and Interior Designers out there.

So get cracking with that Christmas List, add masking tape, rollers and brushes so you are Colour-Ready when January knocks on your freezing door!



Say ‘Hello’ to new, more sophisticated child of MUSTARD - the mighty ‘TUMERIC’. Foodies love it for its anti-inflammatory properties, interior lovers adore it for its boldness!

Colour which may seem ‘hard to swallow’ but for the right consumer with a taste for pop of colour here and there, it’s a fantastic combination. Adds a visual interest to more toned interiors. Use it wisely, accenting a feature wall, fireplace or find an empty space and just go for it! Guaranteed Interior Design Overhaul!!!

If you are not a fan of yellow, TUMERIC is the right colour for you.

You gotta love it or hate it.



Deep, earthy tones of Mushroom, reminiscence of long gone 70’s, are now on trend!

Having done a full circle of creams, tans, browns and around a thousand of beige versions FINALLY we have a worthy contender!

Not only its name is appetizing but the colour if full of depth and meaning. Go bold, use in large spaces and accessorise with statement furniture for a jaw dropping effect.



Oh yes, you heard right!

Lilacs! But not any odd Lilacs….. This time it is a much more subtle and sophisticated version of Lilacs than we remember back from 2000’s.

Muted tones of Peach Orange, Celery Green and Primrose Pink. Look wonderful on wood giving it that country twist. Use in small doses to keep it current and visually appealing.

Think front doors or window frame… Or maybe not… Think Grand Pastel Kitchen full of people who love to come around for tea.



Now this colour puts smiles on our faces!

Deep, rich and moody green. Brother of all Botanical Patterns which took 2017 by storm paired with 2018’s love for BLACK.

This velvety dark green will lend itself to luscious pinks, neutrals or monochromes.

Colour of all things postive, Wimbledon, Matcha Latte, colour of nature and health! you can’t go wrong with this number unless your interior lacks a good dose of sunshine in which case rethink the strategy and stick with a brighter palette. Anyhow, we love it!




This is NO coral, which in the last couple of years seems to have emerged as a NAIL VARNISH colour of choice. Times have changed and its Latino partner has come to play. Fiesta is as fiery and vibrant as expected.

Perfect for adding a pop of colour in areas where you expect it the least. This shade will be popular with people who love warm and exotic places.

CORAL eat your heart out!

Amazing creation by Sophie Robinson Interiors